Wednesday, February 18, 2009

oh god damn it.....

I had a pretty good day today....

Had a conference call at 9am today about a client account that I'll be taking over, so that was very interesting, learned a little bit about it. Had a good talk with my supervisors. Did some training, updated notes, did my usual duties, learned some new stuff; all in all, not a bad day at work, right?

On the way home, I redeemed a scratch card I had that had won $6, and instead of getting the cash, just got two more. Well, one won $10, the other $14!! All in all, I made 27$ today! Pretty good, right?

Then I come home, I finally find my mail keys which I had been missing for the better part of a week... fearing I had lost them entirely terrified me as it had the key to my apartment building, our mail box, a spare car key (yikes!) and a extra set to my parent's house. It was really stressing me out, but I'm happy that they have been recovered :) And I got lots of good mail, so that wasn't so bad to come home to, right?

I'm not going to my hot yoga class tonight, and I have no meetings, no zumba, no prior arrangements, so I'm feeling pretty relaxed. I know when my bf gets home, I can take the car and I'm going to a spa appointment since I'm leaving for Las Vegas this weekend, another wonderful thing to look forward to, right?

Well, apparently all it takes is one glance at some past friends' facebook conversations to see how excited they are that they're graduating this year from university, and it takes all the wind out of my sails.

God damn it.

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